by Diego Beltrami


Mountain is a simple little thing. It’s not much more than a virtual pet rock. A floating mountain that occasionally will  impart some thoughts and have stuff appear on it. It’s not much of a game as you don’t have any interaction with it besides what happens within your own mind, and that’s where mountain gets interesting as it will give you as much as you’re willing to give it.

It could be easy to dismiss it as a pretentious artsy game, which it could easily be, but it’s a game that can resonate with you, pretty much like pet rocks resonates with some people.

Mountain is something to have on the background, to check on it when you need a moment to think or to rest your mind. You can either check what changed with it, what new thing appeared there, relax in the beautiful landscape it presents with its winters and springs, eerie nights, rains and clear skies or read what the mountain is thinking.


Those thoughts might not be much more than generic phrases like “I’m at peace with myself” or “I can do anything today”. They can be nothing more than a motivational poster template but they can get you thinking if just take it at face value, just take the words and absorb them, maybe they’ll produce something within you, maybe they’ll get you thinking. Sometimes this can impact you profoundly, like when my mountain started repeating “I can’t” several times. Alone it could mean nothing, but disturbingly it was something I kept mumbling to myself just the day before after experiencing a tiny breakout after a stressful week and other stuff we’re not here to discuss. It’s just a coincidence but I felt a connection with my Mountain there.

And besides the pretentiousness of the previous thoughts Mountain can be a little fun escapade, just looking at it, seeing new stuff appear can be a small distraction between work and ascribing a narrative to that stuff can be a fun exercise. Why does my mountain suddenly have a gun? Do I have a gangster mountain? What was it thinking to do? Is it the previous “I can’t” thought related to something it wanted to do with the gun? Mountain, what were you planning to do?! and, oh! now there’s suddenly a container there, and a barrel… mmmmh suspicious. I’m beginning to think that my mountain might be involved in some… illegal activities.

To be honest, for a one dollar game about nothing this game is quite a special thing, maybe because I want it to be special, maybe the game just reflects what I want to get from it. A blank canvas where I can plaster my own thoughts and see them reflected at my own self. You’re Mountain, that’s what’s special about it.