Galactic Battlecruisers: Idea dump

by Diego Beltrami


Some stuff that’s going on in my mind regarding the game. Being that the game still needs a lot of work in its current state it’s not ready to implement more mechanics but still I keep thinking about stuff to add. So instead of letting it die in a notepad somewhere I’m going to be writing it here for future reference.


The game could include several captains whit different profiles. Each one would’ve bonifications and penalizations to different stats or actions. Maybe one has longer range for weapons but less accuracy or increased cost for evasive manoeuvres. They shouldn’t be anything game changing, just a small nudge in some direction.

There should be two captains that are completely neutral (or just allowing to play without choosing one).

They could have a once per game ability that allows to do something more drastic (Attack FLT jump?).

The idea is to have captains that compliment or alter play styles.

Alternative Subsystems

Maybe later on the game could be modular, allowing to change a subsystem for another. That way you could make some unique ships that favour different strategies during combat.

I’ve been thinking about a subsystem that replaces the shield but allows you to use defensive order as evasive manoeuvres. It’s more versatile at long range but it’s pretty costly once ships get close so there’s a trade-off.

Or perhaps a bow module that’s made up for ramming enemy ships. Perhaps it can deliver more damage to the enemy ship while reducing the damage received.

Alternative engines that allows you to move two cells in every direction with one order but makes rotating the ship cost twice as much.

I still have issues with the current subsystems so I might have to balance these once I have the current ones well defined.


Space Stations

Maybe an alternative mode. A defend the base game where one player has to destroy the space station while the other one has to defend it.

The station could have some buffs or could provide some sort of assistance to the defending player. Still this should have to be tested and balanced first before deciding.


2 vs 1

What about a game between two players against one. As it is it’d be pretty unbalanced but maybe the lone player could have a bigger ship (a dreadnought) while the other two players fight with normal ones.

Or maybe the two players could have smaller ships against the normal one of the lone player. (More stuff to balance YAYYYY!)