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Month: July, 2014

Galactic Battlecruisers: Idea dump


Some stuff that’s going on in my mind regarding the game. Being that the game still needs a lot of work in its current state it’s not ready to implement more mechanics but still I keep thinking about stuff to add. So instead of letting it die in a notepad somewhere I’m going to be writing it here for future reference.

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Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 9: Second playtest

second playtest

Changes ahoy! A new testing run. Will the new mechanics fit into place and create a better game? The answer to that question is… maybe.

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Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 8: First playtest


We tried the game. Fortunately for me and all the work I put into this it was kinda fun. But there was a lot of stuff to improve.

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Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 7: Defence


Shields are the principal and more direct means of defence against attacks. They’re a staple of science fiction and in a game about combat it’s important to have a way to avoid suffering damage. There are also means to avoid suffering damage and a way to mitigate its effects. Read the rest of this entry »