Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 2: The ship

by Diego Beltrami


Well, given that’s a game about Battlecruisers let’s start by talking about the ship itself. It’s both the main means of attack and the thing you have to defend. So the balance is in getting into a position where you can maximize your attack while minimizing the possibility of retaliation.

The ship is divided in seven sections: Bow, Port Bow, Starboard Bow, Port aft, Starboard aft, Stern and core. Each of this sections houses a subsystem that controls different functions of the ship, so when it’s damaged certain penalizations are applied.


The idea was to make each section of the ship valuable and while suffering damage to a sector can be annoying I didn’t want to become crippling to the point that destroying a subsystem meant a sure win for the opponent. For that same reason subsystem placement was important. You don’t want to put both weapons and shield on the same side because you’ll be putting in danger your principal means of attack and defence.

sectores cartas-05

The cards describe what sector it corresponds, what subsystem it houses and what are the damage effects.

descripcion carta-01

I’m sorry, but all my notes are in Spanish.

Each sector also has a weapon assigned to it (except for the engine). This is actually legacy from the starting concept where weapons and systems had a closer relationship. That proved to make things more complex without adding anything to the game, so it was abandoned. Still, it makes for a nice weapon distribution, so it’ll probably stay that way.

The ship itself occupies a single row of four tiles. This might be subject to change as having an even number of tiles means that rotation is off. Still, it might stay that way if it proves that rotating in that fashion makes the game better. It’s interesting because by rotating using the second to last tile as the rotation axis changes line of sight a lot more than if it was rotating by the middle. Also a bigger or smaller ship might be troublesome. Nothing is set in stone tough.

In later entries we’ll learn more of the ship’s capabilities.