by Diego Beltrami


Not my cup of tea.

During the intro, with the meteorites and monsters coming out of them I kinda expected XCom to show up.

It looks nice but I don’t think it captured Madureira’s art right. It’s got the proportions and general build of the characters but I think it needed more work with the environment and post-processing. I remember the first time I saw Madureira’s work it blew fifteen year old me. It was in his Uncanny X-Men run. It was like the best of the 90’s style with a more modern and energetic approach. I think the game matched the proportions right but it’s missing the visual energy part. Maybe limitations on the amount of effects and clutter that appears on screen is responsible for this. Maybe also colour is responsible here. The game is too modern gaming brown™, while comics tend to be very colourful and bright so things can stand out.

Anyway, it might even be a great game but it’s definitely not my kind of game.