by Diego Beltrami


At its core it’s a hidden object game with a little bit of interaction and navigation. The pacing was good, and it was nice how you had to visit all the dreams to learn about signs and how to unlock more things in previous dreams.

I really liked the aesthetics and general visual feel. The use of high exposition photographs was well done and the intro where it uses only high exposition lights was amazing. It really portrayed the surrealism of dreams well while still rooted in reality.

To be honest I didn’t care at all about the story, the subtext and symbolism. It’s supposed to portray the mind of someone experiencing a highly traumatic experience but I just enjoyed the surrealness of the environment and revelled in discovering the little details. Something about knowing there was stuff to find, to discover in these places prompted me to explore them thoroughly. It got my completitionist side going.

It’s very short game, but that’s good, it doesn’t outstay its welcome and keeps thing interesting for the small time it requires to be finished. Not something to set the world on fire but certainly a good time to spend an hour experiencing something different.