First Backlog Challenge – Aftermath

by Diego Beltrami


Now that it’s done, lets recap.

I’m quite glad I took on this challenge as it served as an excuse to play some games I was interested in but never felt like starting to play. There was great stuff (Vampire), good stuff, and meh stuff. There will certainly be a second one soon. There was stuff that was left unfinished. Mostly because of the games being boring or not worth my time. The only exception and regret is Amnesia, it seems good I’m just too big of a coward to play it. I’d like to try again in the future.

Small recap after the jump.

Let’s see. Star Trek: A Final Unity is a quite damn good Trek game that could’ve been better if it forgot the adventure game part.

Tiny & Big had some good ideas but poor execution. A shame.

The Walking Dead isn’t as good as people say it is but it certainly has some interesting things to offer regarding character building.

Trine 2 is fun and all, but it’s just more Trine. Pretty much like Shank 2 is more Shank and not much more than that.

Game of Thrones tries hard but falls short. And The Ball is simply too boring and cumbersome to try finishing it.

Costume Quest is cute and entertaining but too monotonous to make me want to play more of it.

Vampire is brilliant. I don’t know why I didn’t play it before. Everything I like about games is there. Will play it again as a Malkavian in the future.

And Resonance, despite having some issues, is a damn good game and a had a great time with it. I like how it keeps the classic approach to adventure gaming while trying new things.


All in all, I have a good time and tried new things. Next challenge I’d like to have more variety of games. I’ll see what I can find.