Shank 2

by Diego Beltrami


Klei sure makes great games, and while Shank 2 is just more Shank you can’t deny that they make some tight and fast gameplay with a lot of responsiveness.

Shank 2, just like the original, is about the speed and brutality. The game forces you to combine each type of attack in the right order to keep momentum and to throw the different enemies out of balance. You should never stay still, never stop attacking.

Visually the game employs a lot of gore but the impact is diminished by the cartoon style. This plays well with the visual impact of the animations. Attacks have a lot of physicality to them and looks and feel great.

The difficulty curve is much more smooth this time around and bossfights have been toned down a bit. Previously they were too much dependant on the boss’ movement sequence and quick time events of some sort. Now they can be defeated with conventional attacks while having the option to take advantage of “stuns” at certain points during combat. This makes them more fluid and accessible.

It’s certainly an improvement over Shank. It’s great if you liked the first one and a great fun on its own, but there isn’t much new to actually keep the player going. I guess that despite being good it just doesn’t offer anything new or interesting to make it worthwhile unless you just wanted more Shank.