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Month: May, 2014

Papo & Yo

papoPapo & Yo starts with an interesting premise. An allegory to it’s creator’s troubled childhood. A way for him to express his experiences of his father’s alcoholism and how it affected him as a child growing up. It’s a very personal story and that’s why, at the start of it, it seems cruel to say that’s a much more interesting game to read about rather than to play.

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Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol


Ace Patrol is without a doubt born from Sid Meier’s game design style of clear rules and interesting decisions. It’s a game about managing a lot of possibilities one at a time. It’s a incredibly simple game with an equal incredible depth.

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Waking Mars


Waking Mars is a peculiar game, not only because it features believable characters but also because it’s in the strange position of being one of the few games that are about creating life instead of destroying it. But interestingly that’s not the  only remarkable thing about it.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent


After fifteen minutes with it I’ve already made my verdict: NONONONONO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Definitely no.

I’m a terrible coward. I won’t go back there.

Alan Wake – Children of the Elder God

alan wake

Alan Wake is third person shooter disguised as a horror story, heavily inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Twin Peaks and all sort of pulp horror stories.
The game has you travel through forests and mostly desolated places being chased by shadow people whom can only be defeated by shining light on them first to remove the darkness that protects them from harm.
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The Ball


When life gives you a giant ball I guess you just kinda roll with it. This philosophy has worked wonders for games like Katamari and it should work with a First Person physics puzzle game with some combat.

This game which curiously it takes place in some Aztec Ruins where you run around with a giant ball that you can pull and push with the help of some magic weapon thingy. The ball is your main way of interacting with the environment and with its help you have to traverse the levels towards I just don’t know what.
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skyrim helmetThere are two maximums to Skyrim. First the good news is that it’s not Oblivion, and the other is that sadly it’s not Morrowind either.
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A Game of Game of Thrones: The Role Playing Game – The VideoGame


The Game of Thrones RPG is a peculiar beast. It has some interesting ideas that could’ve lead to somewhere had it not been betrayed -like in good GoT fashion- by its low value productions.

It’s basically a modern RPG, with its roots clearly on the KotOR legacy. Sadly it doesn’t take them much further and ends up with a gameplay that feels a little bit outdated, and if it wasn’t for its licence it’s a game that would’ve been quickly forgotten.

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Kerbal Speed Program

jeb racer

Been doing some experiments on Kerbal Space Program which prompted me to test some stuff inspired by the famous Speed Racer.

Lowering landing struts while speeding makes a rover jump, just not like I was hoping it would. Video after the jump.

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Trine 2 + DLC


Trine 2 is more Trine only prettier.

I guess I don’t have much more to say than that. I had fun but it dragged near the end. I  don’t know if the game is to blame of if I could attribute it to burnout.

Perhaps I was not meant to play the DLC right after finishing the game, despite the end clearly leaves the story hanging. But even though it has the most variety of environments and the most prettiness at the end I just wanted to finish it.

I found two problems. One, in the DLC the variety of environments, while nice, are completely disjointed, and the excuses for this are just silly. And the second and much worse problem are that boss battles are terrible. Just dreadful. Also they have different stages without the ability to save between them. So failing means starting all over again from the beginning.

Still, its physics based puzzles and its focus on different character abilities makes it quite unique and entertaining. It’s a good game, it’s just that it’s Trine only prettier.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.