The First Backlog challenge

by Diego Beltrami


The issue: Lots of unplayed games and me not knowing what to play.

The Rules:

1) Games are a hobby, not work. If I don’t like a game I’ll abandon it.

2) I can do whatever I want. If there is a new game I want to play (hello XCOM Enemy Within) I’ll very well play it thank you very much.

3) There will be A LIST. This will have an order and a reason. I can skip games if I feel like.

3b) The list is comprised of pickings of my backlog. Lots of games require other people to play in coop or others are just too demanding to put them into a backlog thing like this.

4) I have to write a first and final impressions of each game. Even if I abandon it.

Now, this is THE LIST:

0-Star Trek a Final unity
1-Tiny & Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers
2-The Walking Dead
3-Trine 2 + DLC
4-Game of Thrones
5-The Ball (unfinished)
6-Costume Quest (I have not played the DLC and I don’t actually have much interest in doing so)
7-Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
9-Amnesia: The Dark Descent (I have only played fifteen minutes and I don’t want to continue)
10-Shank 2

The true list is longer but for the purpose of the challenge it’s better to keep it short. This should amount to less than 100hs of game playing.

We’ll see how this goes.