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Month: October, 2013

Star Trek: A Final Unity – Impressions


Starting A Final Unity is like time travel to the 90’s where a young kid spent hours glued to the TV watching the adventures of Picard and co. wishing for an awesome bear just like Riker’s.

Remember the excitement when the away team beamed down to an unknown planet? The thrill of Worf fighting against some weird creature? The awesome beard? Data finding clues and unravelling mysteries?  Picard saving the day with the right call at the right moment? Those were good times. You might also remember Q, the Holodeck malfunctioning and all the other shitty things the show had but those aren’t important.

Now, the beard is almost a reality (beardy but not as awesome) and A Final Unity is like time travel as it was released in 1995. Does still hold up? Let’s inverse the polarity and reconnect the couplings and we’ll find out.

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The First Backlog challenge


The issue: Lots of unplayed games and me not knowing what to play.

The Rules:

1) Games are a hobby, not work. If I don’t like a game I’ll abandon it.

2) I can do whatever I want. If there is a new game I want to play (hello XCOM Enemy Within) I’ll very well play it thank you very much.

3) There will be A LIST. This will have an order and a reason. I can skip games if I feel like.

3b) The list is comprised of pickings of my backlog. Lots of games require other people to play in coop or others are just too demanding to put them into a backlog thing like this.

4) I have to write a first and final impressions of each game. Even if I abandon it.

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