Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part V: Getting close

by Diego Beltrami

The golden age. No immediate threat waiting to destroy me, a decent economy, lazy researchers that are constantly going overbudget. This is the chance I have to expand, explore the galaxy and maybe find some decent planets to colonize. Onwards! To spaaaaaace!

Turns out that space is comprised of useless chunks of rocks and Riadsala. Whom I’ve been encountering quite a lot. It seems that his empire is between mine and the rest of the galaxy.  Which is quite a problem. And turns to a diplomatic incident when Riad becomes afraid of my scouting fleets and start perusing and destroying them (even though they’re retreating).

One particular incident happens when one of Riad’s cruiser fleets intercept a fleeing fleet in which I used a tanker on a suicide run just to buy time for the gate to escape. Turns out it didn’t work, the fleet was decimated, but I gained IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE™.

Incidents keep occurring which is worrisome. We exchange some word with Riads, tense peace negotiations are made where we both talk about how strong and awesome we are. This leads to a ceasefire. It seems we’re both quite afraid of each other. To be fair, I wouldn’t mind a few brawls, otherwise things get boring (and the game sees you being idle and sends von neumman or slavers  to attack you) but I want to explore the galaxy and I gave my word to Riads that I mean him no harm. So I turn my attention to my nearest problem: The Swarm.

Die you monster.

Die you monster.

There is a nasty infestation in this section of space. Meaning that there is a constant stream of queens bothering all of us and lots of planets that can’t be visited. I’m going to change this. It’s bugs vs bugs now. I amass two fleets and send them to known swarm worlds deep into my territory. Things go well. One world cleansed. Another world to go. Diplomatic tensions rise over control of one of those worlds. Me and Riads are having trouble again. Being the closest neighbours is going to be troublesome but we find some middle ground and reach an agreement. No one is taking that world and war is avoided (it was a lousy world anyway).

The Bugicide continues

Meanwhile my scouts make two great discoveries. First an Alien derelict that I manage to disable gaining a research boost. Great, now my scientist can go overbudget even faster! And then they find a lovely world that I can colonize. There is a tiny little problem with it. Karand has an Asteroid Monitor there. I analyse the situation. Karand and I are in a NAP (non aggression pact), so It isn’t worth going to war with him for a single world. We get along quite well. He’s so lovely with his feathers and all (also he’s currently top player so I better act nice). It’s a hard decision so I do the easiest thing. I ask him if I can colonize it. Being lovely as he is, he gives me the OK to there it goes my new world. And just in time. Riads arrives a few turns later willing to get it. The three of us have the dullest combat ever, where no one does anything and we all wait until the combat ends.

While all of this was happening I was also busy developing my secret weapon, currently operational but not at full strength. If all goes according to plan this will help me keep pesky aliens out of my territory.