Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part IV: Subtitle

by Diego Beltrami

So, a Swarm Queen right? Nasty creatures. The Swarm if left uncontrolled on a planet will spawn one of these things that will go to the nearest planet to set a new swarm colony there. They pack a heavy punch so the sensitive thing to do would be to let it take that worthless rock and continue with my life. But I’m not sensitive I’m a hiver. We’re war machines. If you ask a hiver which ship it’s his he will answer: -The one that has ‘Bad motherfucker‘ written on the side.

So with a few turns before the Queen arrives I set my plan in motion.

The first step is to get a new ship to production. I had been sitting on a certain technology that’s quite useful against the swarm and now it’s the moment to use it. So I quickly go to the design screen, as in I click on the design button, and start working on the new bad boy, I call it Cascarudo, like a bug that I have no idea how it’s called in English. This is a 100% PDS ship with the only purpose to annihilate the annoying swarm bees that accompany the Queen. Problem is, they wont do a thing against the big baddy so I develop a new Armour Destroyer focused on ballistics as the Queen is quite resistant to lasers.

Artist’s rendition

With a complete fleet of around sixteen ships I make my gamble. It’s all or nothing but I’m not going to let that queen destroy my gate. That bug decided to wage war against a war machine and it’s going to regret it, and that sour taste of regret will be the last thing it will taste before exploding into little pieces. The beast is loose.

And now for comedic effect it’d be great if I had my ass kicked, my fleet destroyed and my world lost but it didn’t happened like that. I actually managed to destroy the Queen with few loses and I also got some badly needed money, as you see. Rare materials are found in the remains of the Queen which increases the treasury. So my gamble paid off and I feel like the king of the world.

Samuel Jackson would be proud

This is the start of the golden age of the Hiver Imperium. A golden age that will last for centuries, or at least until I start encountering Riadsala everywhere I go. But that’s something that will be told in the next part.