Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part III: This is the third part

by Diego Beltrami

Sword of the stars has this knack for random encounters. Not in the way of JRPG but there are a lot of stuff going around the galaxy causing mayhem and chaos. The most common are the swarm (space bees that swarm and conquer planets) and the Von Neumann, self replicant machines that annoy the crap out of everyone and you don’t want to piss. Beside those you can find a lot of other things, or like in this caste, they can find you. What I mean is that I got a visit from The Herald.

The Herald is an annoying guy that broadcast an apocalyptic message that can cause a serious morale drain if you can’t shut him up with space lasers first. That isn’t very hard. Unless you find him at the beginning of the game, like in this case. So my ships aren’t prepared to destroy him or his escorts. So the Herald ends up running away and I end up with a lot of sad people, and in this game if the people are sad they revolt.

Thanks internet for the image

It’s all this guy’s fault

It’s not easy for a revolution to start, the low morale is a huge thing but it’s not the end of the world. But also my economy is in shambles even though I abandoned the problematic planet that was draining all my savings I’ve still have a lot of work to do to get out of the hole I’ve dug myself in. That’s when the revolution happens.

The Revolution will not be televised

And of course this happens in my home planet. Fortunately by now I’ve expanded a bit and now I have a few colonies taking money away from me (for the amazingly good cause of giving me money in the future). This are two turns full of tension with a fleet in orbit of the planet in case I have to wipe the rebellious bastards from the face of the planet. I wish I had a death star. I do the best thing after that. I reduce the population. Fortunately it ends well.

Not a dull moment

Except that now a I have a swarm queen going directly to one of my gate worlds. It’s a pretty shitty world but fuck! It’s a gate world. I love me some gate worlds, they’re the ones that allows me to move lots of ships around. So What should I do?