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Month: January, 2012

Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part V: Getting close

The golden age. No immediate threat waiting to destroy me, a decent economy, lazy researchers that are constantly going overbudget. This is the chance I have to expand, explore the galaxy and maybe find some decent planets to colonize. Onwards! To spaaaaaace!

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Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part IV: Subtitle

So, a Swarm Queen right? Nasty creatures. The Swarm if left uncontrolled on a planet will spawn one of these things that will go to the nearest planet to set a new swarm colony there. They pack a heavy punch so the sensitive thing to do would be to let it take that worthless rock and continue with my life. But I’m not sensitive I’m a hiver. We’re war machines. If you ask a hiver which ship it’s his he will answer: -The one that has ‘Bad motherfucker‘ written on the side.

So with a few turns before the Queen arrives I set my plan in motion.

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Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part III: This is the third part

Sword of the stars has this knack for random encounters. Not in the way of JRPG but there are a lot of stuff going around the galaxy causing mayhem and chaos. The most common are the swarm (space bees that swarm and conquer planets) and the Von Neumann, self replicant machines that annoy the crap out of everyone and you don’t want to piss. Beside those you can find a lot of other things, or like in this caste, they can find you. What I mean is that I got a visit from The Herald.

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