Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part II: The seconding

by Diego Beltrami

In my last post I said beginning a game as Hivers is boring. That’s an understatement. Most turns take just a few seconds of watching scouts slowly crawl through space waiting for the magical moment when one of them gets to a planet. Of course you have to remember, sots hates you. So when that magical moment came it turned out that the planet was a piece of crap. A giant ball of turd floating in orbit of a star. That would be the start of a trip downhill for me, and being hiver, it wasn’t a particularly fast trip.

Suddenly something unexpected occurs. First contact. And first contact with another sapient race! I quickly research their language so I can communicate with them. Turns out that it only helps me understand the other races chat but it doesn’t allow me to send messages they can understand (unless they research my language), so my warnings fall into deaf ears and he keeps coming towards my homeworld.

That green ship turns out to be Karand, playing as Morrigi. Despite me destroying his scout, this turns out to be a nice relationship with my first neighbour. He’s quite polite and willing to left me alone, we quickly get to a ceasefire and continue with our lives.

Everything seems fine despite not having found a single decent planet to colonize. I’m getting anxious and I commit to the idea of colonizing one of the planets I’ve found despite the high hazard rating (this being how hard is the planet to terraform and involving a high cost of development). This will turn out to be a very costly mistake. You might be wondering why. Well it seriously damages my economy. And also while trying to improve it’s defences for an upcoming karand fleet (at this point I was cautious with him) by sending my home planet defense fleet the game suddenly decides that it’s a good moment to show how much it hates me. So my homeworld, barely defended, is attacked by motherfucking ASTEROIDS. It isn’t pretty.

And, oh boy! this was only the beginning.