Sword of the Stars: RPS mutliplayer game: Part I

by Diego Beltrami

Captain’s log, stardate 221111-01: Now that two of the most overused space related clichés are out of the way I think we have a clear path ahead of us.

Oh wait! There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe. And in this case It’s probably right:

These are the players of the current game:

Sorry ladies, I'm taken.First let’s start with your  humble host. This handsome fella is… well, me. I’m playing as Hiver a bug race that has the particularity of being very slow but sturdy. Hivers are a turtle race. We are hard but slow. Our ships can’t travel faster than light BUT once we deploy a special kid of ship called gate we can instantly teleport there, so we might take longer to get somewhere but once there you won’t be able to get us out.

It’s a fun but complicated race to play, that’s probably why I’m going to get into so much trouble.

Next in line are “the other guys”:

Isn't he lovelyRiads is our lovely host and the one responsible for starting this game. He’s playing as the Tarka Empire. It’s a balanced race. Good all around with nothing remarkable. Their ships have most of their guns on the front, making them deadly on the first volley. Fortunately I’m playing hiver and I quite tough, so it’s a matter of surviving first contact and then keep them out of balance.

He’s bloggin his adventures in this game (and others) in his blag.

Sorb, playing as the “Dominion of Tyne” is controlling the space fish, also known as Liir. They have two important characteristics. First, they’re the best researchers in the game. Making them a powerful force late game. Second, because of their travel method their ships have almost no inertia, making them highly manoeuvrable. Their downside is that liir ships are made of paper.

Karandaz AKA Mathew is the iron crow, known better as Morrigi. They’re good at two things, trade and drones. Their dreadnought are supposed to be quite good too. Luckily we’re far away from that yet. He seems to be the top dog in our game despite him being quite restrained.

He’s got a blog where he’s posting on the subject

And last but not least is Heliocentric. Helio is the most experienced player of all. Unfortunately for him (and a divine act of balance) the game started with him as an AI, making terrible decisions for his empire. Humans are fast, travelling through a different dimension than the other races making them impossible to detect when incoming. Which might be a problem for me given that my advantage is not needing defence fleets everywhere, just enough to respond to the different situations. We’re all quite afraid of him. Fortunately he seems to be in a lot of trouble of his own.

He was the first of the cool kids blogging the events of the game. He started on the Rock Paper Shotgun Forums and then moved to his own blog.

So. Our game:

This is turn 13, the game already moving. I too had an AI controlling my start, but given the slow hiver start there wasn’t much damage don (also, hiver AI is quite good). I’ve started in a horrible position for a hiver. On a corner of the galaxy and far away from everything. My first order of business is to explore every system near my homeworld to see if I can colonize something. Unfortunately this will take time as Hiver are slooooow. So, two things to do while waiting. First, research some techs to improve colonizing and industrial output and then research better engines.

Hivers have a slow start so this will probably be quite boring….