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Galactic Battlecruisers Part 10 – Update after a while


The game was going great, each playtest revealed things to work out. There were two main issues now: First the game was too lengthy, dragging at the end and then the game felt too random due to the way attack and defense rolls were resolved. I tried several things to solve those problems, most of them were patches, putting more stuff on top of the existing systems  instead of resolving the issues by reevaluating the core mechanics.

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Mountain is a simple little thing. It’s not much more than a virtual pet rock. A floating mountain that occasionally will  impart some thoughts and have stuff appear on it. It’s not much of a game as you don’t have any interaction with it besides what happens within your own mind, and that’s where mountain gets interesting as it will give you as much as you’re willing to give it.

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XCom: The Burro (spoilerific)


Recently I finished playing The Bureau. The Xcom spin-off that went through a serious identity crisis during its development. It’s a game that went from a unique take on first person shooters, heavily Bioshock inspired to a Mass Effect clone with a small semblance of squad combat.

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I’m hiding in the tall grass, my heart is pounding and my fever getting worse every minute. The darkness engulfs me, my trusty lighter is my only protection against its nothingness. There’s something here. I know it is there and it just doesn’t go away, I can hear it walking along the small ruins of altars of old. I gotta do something but I might lighter only provides me enough light to see about what’s a meter away from me. My only hope is to continue following the coast and hope I get to a safe house before that thing finds me or I collapse from my sickness.

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Galactic Battlecruisers: Idea dump


Some stuff that’s going on in my mind regarding the game. Being that the game still needs a lot of work in its current state it’s not ready to implement more mechanics but still I keep thinking about stuff to add. So instead of letting it die in a notepad somewhere I’m going to be writing it here for future reference.

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Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 9: Second playtest

second playtest

Changes ahoy! A new testing run. Will the new mechanics fit into place and create a better game? The answer to that question is… maybe.

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Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 8: First playtest


We tried the game. Fortunately for me and all the work I put into this it was kinda fun. But there was a lot of stuff to improve.

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Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 7: Defence


Shields are the principal and more direct means of defence against attacks. They’re a staple of science fiction and in a game about combat it’s important to have a way to avoid suffering damage. There are also means to avoid suffering damage and a way to mitigate its effects. Read the rest of this entry »

Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 6: Drones


At the beginning of time there were fighters, but fighters were too independent from the flagship to correctly integrate them into the mechanics. So behold! They became drones. Their function is the same, they’ve not changed, but the name change gives sense to their dependency on the Flagship.

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Galactic Battlecruisers – Part 5: Weapons


Pew pew pew! Bzzzzt! and the like. Weapons are all about damaging the enemy, and in a game where the objective is to destroy the opponent, they are pretty important.

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